About us

Welcome to the official page of the Cracow Saxophone Quartet.

This is the second edition of our page; the first one was not realized due to technical problems. Now we may share our musical passions with unconcealed pleasure. Apart from fragments of recordings (both from the studio and from concerts), you will find here suggested repertoire, history of the band and the gallery. All this together will allow you to make an initial opinion of the band, which - we hope so - will start a fruitful cooperation which will be satisfying for both parties. Thank you for your interest and please familiarize yourselves with our offer.

How it started?

The circumstances of creating our amazing band were not extraordinary. Everything started at the Academy of Music in Cracow, in a group of saxophone students, in the atmosphere of everyday work. At the beginning there was friendship, one passion and sharing joy of discovering music. There was also the instrumentarium - complete and remarkable. First performances of the chamber music band and recognition of the musical environment confirmed our believes that there is a point in it, that it is needed and liked. Then there was created the idea of establishing the Academic Saxophone Quartet (AKS) under the supervision of Andrzej Rzymkowski, an adjunct professor. The band comprised: Arkadiusz Baran (soprano saxophone), Łukasz Nędza (alto saxophone), Piotr Feledyk (tenor saxophone) and Bartosz Banasik (baritone saxophone). During the first years of the cooperation there were mainly musical broadcasts, occasional concerts and examinations in chamber music. In 2007 Łukasz left the band because as a new graduate he left for postgraduate studies to Germany. He was replaced with honor by Michał Knot. During the next year of our cooperation there were not only concerts but also public performances of works written especially for AKS as well as recital performance and recording of one of the key saxophone chamber work - Saxophone Quartet, op. 102 by Florent Schmitt, which brought us extreme satisfaction. 
In fall 2008 the band, which consisted mainly of the Academy of Music graduates, decided to continue their work as the Cracow Saxophone Quartet. 
At this point a new chapter of this band's history starts - with the help of you; enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

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